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April 1998
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WASHINGTON - MER - 16 April:
One of the main ways empires rule these days is with technology -- not just the technology of weaponry, but also the technology of "intelligence" and "surveillance". After all, if you know what your opposition is doing and planning, it's alot easier to remain king on the hill.

Just a few days ago, dateline Mexico, opposition politicians with the help of hundreds of supporters who surrounded the building preventing those inside from escaping with the incriminating goods, proved beyond any doubt that the government of Mexico has spy centers throughout the country to monitor the lives and activities of any who dare to oppose. Not just a few phone taps; but rather massive amounts of electronic surveillance equipment used not against drug dealers or foreign spies, but rather against everyone and anyone who doesn't toe the line.

One little noticed aspect of this major story is that there is considerable evidence the electronic espionage equipment, and the training necessary to make good use of it, originate in Israel. And as the old saying goes, this is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg so far.

Just as with the advanced sophistication of their weapons of war, as well as their weapons of propaganda, the Americans and their Israeli "strategic partner" are way ahead of the Arabs when it comes to the crucial technology of "bugging" to use the more crass and common term. And "bugging" usually in turn leads to great increase of the associated tools of covert operations and personal black-mail. It isn't just weapons at time of war, and propaganda in times of peace, that give the Americans and their Israeli partners the big edge -- its also the technology of surveillance. With it they know what most of the Arab "leaders" are saying and doing, while the Arab "leaders" are clueless as usual. With it they know what opposition groups and potential "terrorist" groups are thinking and considering, while these groups usually don't even understand the full range of weapons they are up against.


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