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Reader's Comments From Throughout The World - August 1997
MER is excellent. I don't know of any other publication that so consistently and fearlessly tells the truth about the oppressive order in the MIddle East that has long been based on an alliance between Washington, the Israelis, and the Arab client regimes."
Dear Sirs,
You are doing a great job, and all those who read your articles do appreciate all the efforts you are making and your interest in the Middle East, Palestine in Particular... I have been following, printing and distributing your your articles for more than a year,in addition to giving your address to those who have internet. Thank you for all your great efforts and great work.
Subject: Re: ADC = BullShit
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997
Kudos to Mid-East Realities for having the chutzpa to say it like it is!
Dear MER, I am Palestinian National,live in Gaza. I would like to thank you very, very much for your great efforts in MER. Please don't hesitate to contact me to assist in any way.
Dear Sirs, We highly appreciate your honest open comments and articles. We would like to receive constantly your mails on all various topics. Good luck and best wishes
Dear Friend:
   Your relentless efforts for justice and fairness--and some respect and dignity for the natives--are appreciated by many, regardless of faith or any other political persuasion. Thanks.
   Please do let me know of some of your recent videos--would like to purchase some and also contribute to your efforts. May justice prevail! Thanks.
I much appreciate your honest and forthright analysis of the political events in the midle east. The distortions reportrd from the area to suit western/American agendas is deplorable, as if the people in the middle east don't have lives and feelings too...
Please send me materials from MER and let me know how I (we) could contribute to your exceedingly important work. Thank you


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