A New & Unique Half Hour Weekly Television Program
MERTV is currently showing weekly during prime time evening hours on all the major cable systems in the Washington, D.C. area and in a number of other cities around the country.
Washington - DCTV Channel 25 - Thursdays at 10 pm
Maryland (Montgomery County) - Channel 23/49 - Tuesdays at 6:30 pm & Saturdays 10:30 am
Virginia (Fairfax County) - The International Channel, #30 - Tuesdays & Saturdays at 8 pm
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#1 & #2 - "PEACE PROCESS?" - Chicago Access TV21 interview with Mark Bruzonsky
#3 & #4 - "EXILE'S RETURN" - a new book by Palestinian Writer Fawaz Turki (Macmillan/FreePress)
#5 & #6 - "PALESTINE DEFEATED?" - Prof. Hisham Ahmed (Deheisha Refugee Camp, Palestine)
#7 - "THE SITUATION IN ARABIA" - Human Rights Demonstration at Saudi Embassy in Washington
#8 & #9 - "WHITHER PALESTINE?" - Book Reading by Fawaz Turki at the Espresso Cafe
#10 & #11 - "CNI: OPPOSITION TO ISRAEL'S LOBBY?" - Realities about Council On The National Interest
#12 & #13 - "NOT REAL PEACE" & "NUCLEAR ARMS RACE" - Mohamed Sid-Ahmed (From Cairo)
#14 & #15 - "THE PALESTINIAN PREDICAMENT" - Dr. Haider Abdul Shafi
#16 to #18 - THE LIKUD STRIKES AGAIN? - Moshe Arens (with critical commentary)
#19 - WALKING FOR PALESTINE - Palestine Aid Society Annual Walk
#20 & #21 - THE FUTURE OF JERUSALEM, Feisal Husseini at Georgetown University
#22 - THE BEST OF MER (Programs 1-10)
#23 - THE BEST OF MER (Programs 11-20)
#27 & #28 - The So-Called "Peace Process" - an overview of recent history with Mark Bruzonsky
#29 & #30 - The First Multimedia "CD-BOOK" about the Middle East - "Lines In The Sand"
#31 to #35 - MORDECHAI VANUNU - "Nuclear Prisoner of Conscience" - 5 parts
#37 to #39 - THE PALESTINIAN SITUATION "Another 'Client Regime'?, "The P.A.", "What Future"
#40 & #41 - THE PALESTINIAN SITUATION - "Police Regime?" (Dr. Eyad Sarraj speaks out)
#42 & #43 - THE PALESTINIAN SITUATION - "Not Much Optimism" & "Long Road Ahead"
#44 to #47 - NOAM CHOMSKY - "Peace Process" Dissected & Unmasked (Harvard Univ. Lecture)
#48 to #51 - EDWARD SAID - CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS (Univ of Wisc, Madison)
#52 - Nuclear Prisoner of Conscience - Mordechai Vanunu (a one-show summary of earlier programs)
#53 - Talking to the Rotary Club (MER Host Mark Bruzonsky giving a lunch-time talk)
#54 to #57 - Talking With Students at Bethany College about the Middle East
#58 to #61 - "Correcting History" - Prof. Norman Finkelstein reviews the "peace process", U.S. policies.
#62 to #64 - Netanyahu's Mentor - Moshe Arens
#65 to #69 - Considering Democracy in the Muslim & Arab World - Prof. Eqbal Ahmed
#70 to #74 - The Case of Dr. Musa Abu Marzook, Political Head of Hamas - A Panel Discussion
#75 to #77 - Exclusive Interview with Dr. Musa Abu Marzook in prison
#78 - Mid-East Teach-In at the University of Maryland (Oct 1966)
#79 to #82 - A candid talk with Mohamed al-Asi - the only elected Imam, Washington Islamic Center
#87 - Hebron: A Video report from Christian Peacemaker Team
#94 - #101 - Middle East Institute Conference on Jerusalem
#102-#103 - Abu Marzook's lawyer speaks up about Hamas and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
#104-#107 - From Capetown, South Africa - Radio 768 -"Israel -Past, Present, & Future"
#108-#111- "Political Islam" - Prof. John Sigler, Carleton University, Ottawa.
#112-#115 - "Peace Process Real or Phony" - Mark Bruzonsky at Wheeling Jesuit College
#116 - SPECIAL MER-TV Program for FREE SPEECH TV -- "Peace Process in the Middle East."
#117-#120 - An Interview with Robert Fisk of THE INDEPENDENT
#121-#124 - Noam Chomsky speaks in the Middle East about the Middle East
#135-#136 - Iran's Leader, Ali Khamenei - opening talk to Tehran Islamic Summit
                     The Tehran Islamic Summit was MER 1997 "Event of the Year"

#137-#141 - Edward Said reflects on 100 years of Zionism
#142-#145 - Noam Chomsky at the Cambridge Forum
#146-#148 - Basem Eid, Palestinian Human Rights Leader
#150-#155 - Demonstrating for Peace - Washington Demonstrations, Feb 98
#156-#157 - A debate on Iraq - COME Reps Vs State Dept & Congress
#158-#159 -
#160-#161 - Cambridge Iraq Teach-In (Feb 98)
#162 - Mark Bruzonsky on Pacifica Radio "Democracy Now" - Subject: Madeleine Albright
#163-#164 - Attorney-General Janet Reno at ADC Conference
#165-#168 - Leading Palestinians Lash Out At the "Peace Process" - Abdel-Shafi, al-Hout, Azmi Bishara
#169-#170 -
MER VIDEO SAMPLE TAPE - Scenes from many MER programs in two half-hour programs
Single Programs - $19     2-Program Series $29      3 or more Program Series $39
(Programs listed on same line constitute one series and are on one VHS)
Postage/handling per order (any number of programs) is $5 per order to USA,
$10 to Canada, $20 international
Check should be made to "MER" and send to:
MER - P.O. Box 18367 - Washington, D.C. 20036

For fastest ordering check the videos wanted & fax this form & your check to (202) 362-6965. Delivery normally takes 3 to 4. Express ordering is available the same week @50% additional (express orders with checks must be faxed)
Order & Pay Easily and Quickly By Check Via Email 
Three unique past
Video Documentaries
($79 for all three)
1) CHOMSKY - The U.S. Latin America & The Middle East - (1 hour +, 1991) - $29
2) WE DARE TO SPEAK - Jewish Americans support Intifada &
full Palestinian Statehood with capital in Jerusalem...and explain why.
 The story of The Jewish Committee On The Middle East (1 hour, 1993, updated 1997) - $39
3) PALESTINAN STATEHOOD with narration by Casey Kasem
(30 minutes, 1993, updated 1997) - $29
These documentary programs were originally boardcast on the Deep Dish Satellite TV Network & The 90s Channel for cable showing in cities around the country. The programs were updated in 1997 for broadcast by the
"Free Speech TV" Network throughout the U.S.; and are currently
being rebroadcast by "Free Speech TV" during the summer of 1998.
Your help in sponsoring MER-TV and in getting it shown in your local area is very much needed.
For information call (202) 362-5266, Ext 637 -- Fax (202) 362-6965 -- or Email: MER@MiddleEast.Org


   We need your help to get MER-TV showing weekly on your local cable Public Access TV channel.  This is very easy to do and we will help you.Very frankly we are already doing the hard work by producing this unique
program every week and making it available.
     Public Access cable channels all around the country are specifically designed to show such independent programming with no charge for airtime.  If you take the initiative, with our help, you can have the program showing in your city usually in a few weeks.
    We have prepared a simple and easy MER-TV PACKAGE that gives you four sample programs and explains everything you need to know about contacting your local Public Access Channel and making the rrangements for MER-TV to be shown.
    In this package you will receive one video with four MER-TV programs to give to the TV Channel and a second video with all the programs for you to watch and show it your friends whenever you wish.
   We've also made it very easy for you to get this MER-TV PACKAGE. Of course we have to ask you to cover part of the expenses -- just imagine what we have to do in order to independently produce and distribute this program.   Some of you may be able to contribute more, and we very much need it.  But the basic cost for the MER-TV PACKAGE is $150 plus $5 shipping.
    The simplest and fastest way to get this MER-TV PACKAGE is to fax your check made out to MER, along with your shipping address, to 202 362-6965.  We now have the program and bank authorization to deposit checks that arefaxed, saving a lot of time and delay.  Or if you prefer send your check to MER at P.O. Box 18367; Washington, D.C. 20036.
     Once the arrangements have been made in your city we will start sending the program automatically to that Channel.  All we expect from you then, or a group of you collectively, is a minimum of $50 weekly to cover our
additional duplication and shipping costs.  Of course we need considerably more than this to not only keep producing MER-TV but also to improve it and promote it.  But at least this small weekly amount will get us started. Very seriously, many of you have gotten in touch and asked whatyou can to do help.  Helping us shown MER-TV locally on your Public Access TV Channel is BY FAR the most significant way you can help at this time.  For the first time you can now have a weekly TVprogram showing right there where you live that you can tell your friends about and look forward to.  Where else you can help in such a reasonable way and then be able to watch Middle East analysis and experts whom you will be pleased with rather than infuriated by.
    Also it is up to you whether you would like to be anonymous, or whether you would like to have your name listed in the credits of future programs as a local sponsor.  We can work with you on these things and accommodate you however you wish.

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