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5 February 1997

What in the Middle East is known as "The Qana Massacre" took place in April of last year and the first year anniversary is approaching.

The absolutely grisly scenes of tremendous carnage were broadcast throughout the world. But that in itself has happened before in various ways, in various places, with various perpetrators.

In the case of Qana, however, there are some unprecedented aspects which make this particular massacre stand out different from others.

For the first time in the Middle East a large number of civilians specifically under United Nations protection were specifically targeted.

For the first time investigations by the United Nations, as well as independent organizations such as Amnesty International, uncovered not only that the attack was on purpose, but that a massive international cover-up of the massacre had resulted, one in which the government of the United States participated.

For the first time well-established journalists were able to document the details of the massacre cover-up.

And for the first time a Secretary-General of the U.N. was threatened that he must not endorse or release the U.N. report about Qana or he would not be supported for a second term in office.

Many American Jews are particularly outraged by the militant and racist attitudes and policies often exhibited by the Israelis. What they did at Qana, and how they then attempted to lie and deceive in front of the entire world, is a particular gruesome example of the results. Moreover, that the government of the United States accepts such behavior, often actually condoning it and helping the Israelis attempt to deceive the world about what they do, and why they do it, only makes the situation even more intolerable.

The compilation of documents Shifra Stern has put together -- finding the tie and energy to do so because of her own moral convictions as no one has paid her anything for these efforts -- assembles nearly all of the English-language press coverage of Qana. As the one-year anniversary of this massacre approaches, we certainly hope those in the media will understand that this is not an event which happened and is forgotten. Nor should it be forgotten.

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