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April 1998
       [NOTE - The following Reader's Comments were received during April.
Please feel free to contact MER from whereever you are.
If you want your name withheld please let us know -- of course we understand.]
The mere fact I am responding to this means you have reached me; that
is you have reached somebody who is neither Palestinian, Muslim or Jew.
I am simply a person digging for some truth in this world, and I see in
the plight of the Palestinians and in the Arab world in general, the
gravest injustices.  Now I believe there are people like me all over
the world, even in America, perhaps even amongst the Israelis.  You
have reached me and I shall reach many others to spread the word that
all is not as it seems with American Middle East politics...
I shall be watching the news on MER with great interest.
             Yours,    Nick Sault
Salam All,
  I will definitely support your efforts.  I am proud to see that my
Alma Mater (The University of Texas at Austin) is represented.
   Keep up the good work, Karima
Dear Sir/Madam,
        I'm extremely grateful for your newsletters for they allow the
younger people, who are usually dependent upon the media's hypocritical
and biased news, to assimilate information about the true day-to-day
incidents which occur in the Middle East.  Your noble efforts allow the
true realities to be known by those that wish to learn the truth and I,
along with many other recipients, are truly grateful.
            Thank you kindly.
            Hamza Ferragh - UK
I am Palestinian. My family had to leave their land in 1948 when the
massacres of Deir Yassin and othr adjacent towns occured. I was born
and raised in Jordan and now I reside in California. I have to admit
that throughout my research for a good source of information about
Palestine, MER was the best and I thank you for that.
I really want to help MER in any way I can and appreciate the
Basim Saleh
My name is Amer Alshawa, and I am the president of the Islamic
Association for Palestine in North America.  I am interested in
having a dialogue regarding possible cooperation between us. I
admire your work, and I do believe that we can together make
a difference.
Wa Assalamu Alaikum.
Yours in Islam,
New York
Hello, my name is Sami Mashney. I am an Arab American attorney
I read your piece concerning the 50th Year Anniversary. I completely
agree with your grim yet factual assesment of the situation and your
characterisation of most (not all) of the persons and organisations
mentioned in your piece.
Please send me more information. I am more angry and frustrated
than you are.
             Sami Mashney
Dear Sir,
        I really enjoy your messages for the reason that they are very
informative and critical of all contemparary Middle Eastern issues.  I
can also say that the insight you provide is valuable in that it presents
your listeners with a view that is unavailable in the mainstream media.
I would like to thank you for having the courage to speak out against
injustice, corruption and oppression... Thank you and God Bless...
Montclair College
Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
*Assalamu Alaikum Wa'Salatul Wa'Salaam Ala'Rasulillah*
Insha'Allah you receive this email in the best of health and IMAAN.
I just received a subscription of one of your emails from a friend.  I
truly found your article to be very interesting.  I would like to
subscribe to your weekly emails.
M. Mustafa
Subject: Congratulations!
MER is indeed a breath of fresh air. I am almost choked with the deceits
partial truths, and blatant lies of the everyday news that we read in
the conventional media, until I saw your site.
Its a shame, though for the established news agencies of the world that
despite their HUGE resources, they cannot even tell the world of the
basic and simple truths about what is really happening in the mideast,
or for that matter, the world, today?
My deepest appreciation are due to those in MER. Keep it up.
Warmest Regards.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
For some time I have viewed your site with interest and understanding.
I thank you for your courage and dedication and I hope you may continue
successfully in the coming years. Please send me whatever is required to
join your subscriptions.
                       Adeoshun Ifalade
You do excellent work.  Just trying to be helpful.
       --Mike Young
Dear friends,
For a long time I have received your MER articles and reports.
For that I want to thank you very much! Always it was interesting
and gave a lot of information I couldn't get from the official
german media...  I want to thank you again for the very interesting
informations I've got for the last years! I wish you all the best
           Evelyn Reichardt
           Munich, Germany
Your reports are excellent and useful for my research. Would you
please include me on your mailing list.   Thank you
S H Abu-Sitta
I will be sending a check for $100 today.  Keep up the good
work.  The video with Fisk was very informative.  When will
the Israeli's learn not to lie? And our government, too.
     Fred Alpers
Subject: Thank you MER
Hi  MER - As someone who takes every opportunity to alert
both Arabs and non-Arabs to the grave situation in the
Arab World and thus in the world, I know what it means
for someone to give his/her word of support.  Please, note
that I really appreciate what you are saying and doing.
Hazim :)
Canada - 4/27
I would be very happy to contribute...in late May will send at
least $150 US dollars your way. I can't express enough how much I
appreciate your work and efforts.
Keep up the work and I'll get my contribution out as soon as possible.
        talha syed
        University of Victoria, Canada - 4/28
You have, and still do a wonderful job in telling the world of what
other news media wouldn't dare to do... Please continue to broadcast
the facts. Let the world know of the truth. I'm guilty of not doing
even one tenth of what you are doing.
Mohammed Despouki
California - 4/28
Please, unsubscribe me for now. My access will finish soon. Thank you very
much for all news that you have sent me so far. They are very informative.
Farouk A. Alwyni - New York University
Dear COME - At the moment I'm able only to give you spiritual support.  I
work these days almost exclusively as a volunteer for a Palestinian school
on the West Bank... I am very grateful for the chance to benefit by
receiving your articles, and the gratitude is all I know I can give at
present.  I'm writing to let you know I heard you and why I'm not sending
money now.  May others pour it on.
              Gene Sandretto, Jerusalem
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