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  This is the first of many sections with comments from December 1998

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  Subject:  I miss you MER
   Date:   1 Dec 1998
   From:   Akram Asfour

Dear MER
[We] wonder why we did not receive MER sence 24/11 because this is
the only true source of news we can see the world so clear and the
only news voicing the truth and strips the guilty naked.
Hope to hear from you.

   Subject:  Congratulation
   Date:    Fri, 04 Dec 1998
   From:    Mohammed Sami Khalifa

    Dear MER,
    You are doing a fantastic job. Keep it up.

             Dr. Sami Khalifa

Subject:  subscription
   Date:  Thu, 3 Dec 1998
   From:  Ahmed Kayssi

Dear Sir,

I am interested in subscribing to your magazine.  I am very
impressed by the effort that has been put into making this
web-page, and I hope to read all your future editions.

        Sincerely yours,

        Ahmed Kayssi
        President, Queen's Arab Students Association


I would like to thank you for your lightning information. Your
publishing materials always are full of realities that have been
never published in public US media.  Be strong and sure, never
become tired.  you are in right way, so continue it with all
your force.  God blessing with you.
        Ahmad RAMAZANI
        Ph.D. Student


You perform a unique service in providing
a sole source of truth about the Middle East.
To withdraw this service means that men of
good-will and honesty will be left without the
means to continue the battle for a just solution.

I'm sending you a check...  I wish that it could
be more but I'm retired and cannot afford a
larger amount.

Please stay with it for all our sakes.

        William M. Carson
        Oregon - 12/6

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