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MAY 1998

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         Jordan, Israel, Occupied Palestine, USA,
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Subject:  Re: Muslim Orgs - Co-opted, Misguided...

This article of yours is very informative.  I do appreciate...
Thanks for a very useful service.

         A M E R  A L S H A W A (ABU AMIN), PhD
         Deer Park, NY


You are doing a great service with this newsletter.
Thank you very much.  I just recently got a computer
and am so glad I stumbled onto your MER.
     Best wishes to you and yours.
     Katharina Harlow - California


Subject:  I like your news releases.
From:     Martin Lindstedt

So much so that I'll be reprinting one of them in an e-mail format on my latest newsletter regarding biological warfare and Iraq.  I'll entitle it "Back to the Bay of Camels" as it is the sordid story of CIA involvement in the Middle East.

Pretty good WWW page.  You tell us Amerikans what we need to hear and refuse to listen to -- which is the ugly truth about ugly Amerikans so self-absorbed in greed and power lust that they cannot hear the cries of the poor and oppressed in this country -- and abroad.


i want to join you in this list, please send me your important material, realy it's very courageous, don't give up your strugle.

             Nasr Youssef


Good to see this important web site.  Very well done!
please send MER weekly to my e mail. thanks,

      yael arbel

i was very glad to read MER-  i live in Israel, and the media is very much a servent of the goverment (as in any other place)- specialy when it comes to the local problems..so i have a special interest in knowing the truth, and it seems you supply the good.  very well done!

      yael arbel - Israel


Subject:  Re: ADC and "The Quilt" - "How Pathetic" ~ Washington Scene

Dear Sirs:

I am faithfull reader of your articles and agree with the contents very much.  You always point to what is wrong about the Arab or Muslem
Orgonizations in the U.S, and there is plenty of wrong things.  Please
give us some idea how to go about forming orgonizations that repesent
our ideals and interests in an effective functional and independent way.

        Thank you
        ghazi Essawi


Dear MER:

The article below with your comments about the ADC and your reasons for saying them are much more in line with the MER I have come to respect so highly....  the current article is more informative to warn all of us, including those within the ADC who are very dedicated, courageous and hardworking, of the dangers of coopted leadership.  I thank you for this effort; it is much appreciated.

      Terry A. Benioff - CA


Subject:  Re: ADC in crisis again...and another "tasteless" convention
From:  John Kennedy

I love your writing on ADC!   It is so true!!
Yet it is so funny!



Dear MER,

As a constant receiver of your wonderful coverage and analysis...
Thanking you for your consistant search for realities.

       Hanan Nuseibeh - Jordan


I  read every message you sent me and enjoyed every bit.  I will try
to get in touch from another place.  So keep up the good work,

     Dr. Lazhar Abida - Saudi Arabia


To Whom it May Concern,

Congradulations on your website, it is always refreshing to see those willing to devote the time and the effort to making the truth known, especially in this sad, horrific case. What is truly sad is the utterly wasted potential of what could be two great nations - one a Jewish state independent of U.S. puppeteering, and the other a true Palestinian homeland, it's inhabitants free from the Apartheid-esque rule they now endure. Thank you once again, and keep up the great work.

     Matthew Cross


I find there is nothing I can do except rage inwardly at the injustice
of the whole scene.

          Pamela Knispel


I am very glad that MER exists to maintain some much-needed balance and sanity in reportage of the Middle East.

       Regards from Los Angeles,
       Stephen H. Franke



I've been reading MER for some time now, compliments for bringing some
facts to our attention that usually don't make it to the newspapers here..  Thanks and greetings,

        Gerben Zaagsma - Norway


Thank you for your coverage...the most healthy tonic against
disinformation and propaganda.

        Naief Yehya


Dear MER:

Sallam and Thanks a lot for the very distingueshed coverage of our issues in the Middle East.  I used to get your nice News and Comments through the MSA net. Until your decesion of discontinuing that service. After that I started visiting your site. Good Luck.



Subject:   Re: Shas - The Mirror Party of Hamas Among The Israelis
From:      mary hughes lee

appreciate the hard-hitting journalism and important work of MER.


Subject: Re: Shame of Israel's 50th
From:    Mohammed Desouki

You have, and still do a wonderful job in telling the world of what other news media wouldn't dare to do... Please continue to broadcast the facts. Let the world know of the trueth. I'm guilty of not doing even one tenth of what you are doing.



I work these days almost exclusively as a volunteer for a Palestinian school on the West Bank...  I am very grateful for the chance to benefit by receiving your articles.

     Gene Sandretto, Jerusalem


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