The most honest, most comprehensive, and most mobilizing news and analysis on the Middle East always comes from MER.   It is indispensable!"
                -Robert Silverman - Salamanca, Spain
I've never heard anyone who has made this stuff as clear as you...  It was like somebody had just opened the windows and the light came pouring in.
-Dateline NBC Keith Morrison commenting on MER Publisher on TV
I have been reading your writings for some time.  They are essential to any understanding of what is going on in the Middle East.       
-Gilbert Gendron - Montréal, Canada
I hope you endure.  The work you are doing is extremely important, even with what you consider a limited distribution. I know many people here [in Israel] do get MER.
  -Professor Tanya Reinhart -Tel Aviv University

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"Your publication is brilliant, and the best that I've seen anywhere.   I appreciate both the even-handedness of information and the bite in your editorials.  Mentioning credit where credit is due and blame where blame is due seems to be  such a rarity in reporting on ME issues."
                       -Alex Uttermann - Boulder Creek, CA
"Your news service continues to keep me on top of things when all else looks so confusing...  Feels like someone has punched the fast forward button and I can hardly make out what anything means anymore. When I hear news other than your source, its easy to see through it because of your analysis."
-Debra Sperry, USA
Please... donate to MER.  For those of us starving for the alternative truth, MER has consistently and reliably reported it to us.  Don't let this valuable source of information die away, because we could save it and didn't.                               -Greta Berlin, Los Angeles "Please keep my subscription, without receiving your Valuable Informative
e-mails, I'll be bewildered in complete darkness."
                          -Kamel Kialni - Sydney, Australia
"Your clear, very fair and open views and news are remarkable...and reflect brave people with the sense of  Global vision.  I would like to receive your issues on regular basis."
                            -anonymous, UAE
"MER is very honest, very precise, and very truthful.  I got one word for it as a Palestinian: Impressive!"
-Asser Hassanain - Palestine

"It is re-assuring to see a publication taking the risk to express the other view of the Middle East politics... You're in a small minority .... but god knows the suffering helpless people of the region need all the help they can get to eleviate the chronic injustices inflicting them for generations."
- Riad Frijat,  Australia                        
"Thank you for providing me with information into the realities of the middle east better then I have ever encountered before even while living in the middle east... The flagrent honesty of your website keeps the flicker of hope of man goodness alive in me. My only suggestion is that you transform your website from middle east realities into world realities.." -- Furqan S. Khan
"I just want to thank you for bringing us a truth which is more true than the truth we are presented with by the Western media. It is great that there is someone who has the will and courage to convey to the world the unpopu-
lar facts and opinions about the Middle East. Keep up the good work!"

        - Jacob Høigilt, Student of Arabic at the University of Oslo
"I would like to highly commend Mid East Realities for an outstanding source of information on the Internet. I have probably visited almost all the websites on the internet especially those dealing with human rights issues in the Middle east and I can say without doubt that your site is certainly among the top five."
             -- Mohamed Adam, Human Rights Foundation , Capetown, South Africa
"I often read your articles and admire their strength and courage. However, this time I had to respond to your piece on Arafat because each and every point it made were absolutely true and beautifully articulated."  - Aymen M. Khalifa, Visiting Fellow International Republican Institute, Washington
"Your new MER Report is absolutely extraordinary. While I don't agree with all of your views I think you're doing one hell of a job. Keep up the good work."
James Algrant, Maine World News Service
"Please, send us MER." -- Russian Embassy Amman, Jordan "Your reporting is a breath of fresh air. I look forward daily to receive your impartial, insightful and honest articles. You are indeed an “Oasis of Truth” for those who are trying to make sense out of the confusion in Middle East Politics. Thank You."
- Joe Mugannam; West Bank, Palestine
"I would like to be added to your subscribers. I am a retired USAF Reserve colonel with 37 plus years in intelligence, etc. Concerning the UN Sanctions team, I wrote many reports."  - Doug Rankin

"MER is excellent. I don't know of any other publication that so consistently and fearlessly tells the truth about the oppressive order in the Middle East that has long been based on an alliance between Washington, the Israelis, and the Arab client regimes."
- Prof. Glenn Perry, Dept of Political Science, Indiana State Univ.
"You have rejuvenated all the oppressed peoples of the Middle East! Your articles are brimming with rage and hostility towards the US, Israel, and the Arab reactionary regimes. And that's what I love about them!"
                    - Rola Hamdan - Beirut

"I'm one of many U.S. academicians impressed with the oh-so-rare honesty and insightfulness of your analyses."
       - Prof Theodore Keller - Emeritus, International  
       Relations, San Francisco State Univ
"[MER is] an amazing and rare site. Rich in content, information, and facts that so many other organizations would prefer to hide or color for their own personal reasons. You have taken over most of the media's responsibility in this country by becoming the providers of important information, overlooked or purposefully ignored by others... The truth hurts, but in the end it is the truth..."
         - Nadine Alfa - Journalism Grad Student, Columbia Univ.
           Former CNN World Report Correspondent, Beirut
"I am so pleased to finally have subscribed to an articulate, worthwhile, courageous journal and staff."
    - Betty Molchany, American-Arab Discrimination
     Committee (ADC) Legal Counsel - Alexandria, Virginia

"Dear MER, Thank you for your courage, for the excellent reviews and articles and for the effort... I salute you in solidarity."
  - Dr. Eyad Sarraj, Gaza - Palestine

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