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The Pursuit of Peace in the Middle East

  Exclusive two-part half-hour TV program

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Ten of the best Middle East experts in the United States were interviewed for a unique multimedia CD produced by Tiger Media in Canada in 1996 and titled "Lines in the Sand:  The Pursuit of Peace in the Middle East."   

The Experts in alphabetical order:   Mark Bruzonsky* (MER), Richard Curtiss (State Dept retired), Prof. John Esposito (Georgetown University), Mohammed Hallaj (Palestinian Scholar), Eric Hoagland (Middle East Institute), Amb. Clovis Maksoud (Former Arab League Ambassador), Amb. Robert Neumann (former Senior Ambassador and head of Reagan Administration State Department transition team), Prof. Soli Ozel (Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies - SAIS), Hassan Rahman (Washington Representative of the Palestine Liberation Organization), Prof. Bernard Reich (George Washington Univ.)

MERTV made two half-hour programs based on the full video interview conducted with Mark Bruzonsky this unique multimedia CD.   Now, with another round in the seemingly perpetual "Peace Process" looming, these MERTV programs from the past offer many important historical insights necessary to understand the present. 
A few new shrink-wrapped copies of the originally published multimedia CD are available -- see MiddleEast.Org/orders.    All ten of the Middle East experts along with Mark Bruzonsky are featured on the CD.

* Background information for Mark Bruzonsky is at http://www.MiddleEast.Org/mab

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